Thursday, October 30, 2008

Playing Hookey!

Taking a Day Off!

Yesterday, instead of going to the all company meeting or just working for that matter, I "played hookey". At least, that's what we called in my day when we didn't go to school when we were supposed to (but then that is probably dating me more than I would like). I went on a field trip with my daughter's high school fashion design classes. We went to 2 fabric stores, one in San Jose called Hancock Fabrics over by Oakridge Mall which has a good selection of patterns and fabrics and kudos to the day manager who spend extra time to get us authorization to give students the weekend sale prices. Then we went to Fabrics R Us over on Berryessa and King which is like Christmas for people who like to sew - literally bolts and bolts of beautiful fabric. It was fun being with teenagers and their enthusiams and endless energy. Great time with my daughter (yes, priceless) and nice to be away from work for the day. I highly recommend you all try it sometime.

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