Monday, October 13, 2008

What is Really Going on Anyway?!!!

Monday Statistics

I have issues with statistics. While they are necessary, they can also be misleading. Years ago I became dissatisfied with depending upon others for information. Every Monday morning, I track what is going on in my areas. Looking at this information week after week gives me a better perspective and helps me to better understand other statistics that come my way. The following is based on single family homes:

Morgan Hill has 284 active listings with 68 sale pendings

Gilroy has 367 active listings with 151 sale pendings

San Martin has 41 active listings with 6 sale pendings

Area 1 (all of the above) has 673 active listings with 223 sale pendings

For the month of September, there were 30 closed sales in Morgan Hill, 57 closed sales in Gilroy, 2 closed sales in San Martin and 89 closed sales in Area 1. At the end of September, the average priced home in Morgan Hill was $757,613 and the average priced home in Gilroy was $430,219. The median priced home in Morgan Hill was $644,400 and the median priced home in Gilroy was only $384,900.

Stay tuned for regular updates!

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