Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Viewpoint into the Current Market

Working with Buyers!

Sorry I haven't been as attentive as I would like but I've been out working (isn't that the point after all ?). But I do like giving people good information and I find I learn so much when I'm out showing. It gives me a totally different viewpoint than when I represent a Seller. Although it's usually a specific viewpoint.

I have several buyers interested in country property so I have been out and about a lot these days in South County. 2 days ago, the above bank owned property came on the market and my buyer and I ran over there to check it out. There was a buyer there before us and one waiting when we came out. This is a 3/2 1/2 with 2230 Square Feet and about 2.5 Acres with a barn and on the market for $792,900. When I check the recently sold properties for comps, I find out that country property is selling for an average of $334.32 per square feet. This property at 8880 Guibal in Gilroy is on the market for $355.56 per square feet. That tells me there are educated buyers out there (with money and ready to go). I think this property will be sold before too long.

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