Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Donate Blood to the American Red Cross

Giving Blood

A lot of us feel like this market is bleeding us anyway, so why not do a good deed and give blood to the American Red Cross? I thought about this yesterday as I gave blood in my town of Morgan Hill and wondered why more people don't give blood. Like a lot of things, we just don't think about it. I do believe people want to help others and would do more with just a little encouragement.

Well, here it is! Give blood to the American Red Cross! They aren't hard to find and they probably come to your area every 8 weeks (that's the time period to give blood). It takes less than 1 hour and you're done. I think these are the times to think about the many ways we can give back to our community and support each other. This one doesn't even cost money. You do have to develop a bit of a thick skin to get through their process of making sure your blood is healthy but it's obviously for the greater good. When the Red Cross comes to my town, I know I'm in for an hour of rock & roll music, some cookies and kind words along with my civic duty.

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