Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Annual Spring Hike Up El Toro on Saturday, March 28th

Spring Hike up El Toro in Morgan Hill
My daughter and I have been participating in the hike up El Toro for years. Our first hike was years ago when I had to help her up our "mountain" the first year we went up. But I was quickly humbled the year after when she was one of the first folks up the hill and so it has been for many of the following years. Last year I was in the middle of training for the Avon Walk and it felt good (relatively speaking) to hike up the hill. This year all my best laid plans to stay in shape have fallen by the wayside and I think I better take it slow!
I was glad to see they have scheduled the hike in two parts - one at 8AM and one at 10AM. Last year there was only one time and it was very challenging at the top. The problem is the last stretch of the hike which is very steep with hardly any traction. Every year the Boy Scouts volunteer their time and set up as well as monitor ropes for us to use. With only one time to hike last year, people were coming and going at the same time and it was challenging.
Remember to bring gloves - you'll really need them to get up the ropes and wear good hiking shoes. Peter Anderson will give a talk about the formation of El Toro before the hikes at the Morgan Hill Library which is where the walk starts. For more information, call (408) 779-5755 and many thanks to the Boy Scout Troop 799 for helping us get up that last leg.
I look forward to seeing you there - this is a wonderful community event with some interesting history thrown in for good measure!

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Gretchen said...

Hi Harriet, want to do it together again this year? I loved it last year!