Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Harriet's Picks - Gilroy this time!

Gilroy Favorites -

My last pick’s blog started with sushi and so shall this one. For a good sushi meal and fun atmosphere, go to Ninja Sushi, located at 715 1st Street in Gilroy. We’ve always had great food there and I enjoy the upbeat, friendly energy of the place. I also like finding (& telling people about) restaurants and places that would be hard to find on their own especially as someone new to a community. O.D.’s Kitchen is one of those places and it is “unassuming with no real atmosphere” but has great breakfasts and lunches with excellent burgers. It’s located at 28 Martin Street and it is a find. Also does take out. Victoria’s Mexican Restaurant can be found at 757 1st Street for excellent Mexican goodies. Although for super quick, we go to Super Taqueria which can also be found in Gilroy (and Morgan Hill and Hollister) at 401 East 1st Street. Their homemade beans and green & red chili salsas are excellent. Try a super burrito for a filling meal and good buy. I love a lot about Gilroy, but especially the feel of the wide streets and the mature trees. Also, there is also a lot of effort going into building up the downtown area. One of Gilroy’s big attractions of course is the yearly Garlic Festival. You have to go at least once especially if you are moving here because once you live here, you will probably end up volunteering for this event (it's a huge fundraiser for our communities). Coming this summer July 24, 25 & 26th and who doesn’t enjoy garlic? And speaking of coming soon, Gilroy will have its own Gilroy Dog Park. This is due to be finished this summer and will be located at the Las Animas Park.

Stay tuned for more area picks!

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