Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eagle Ridge Sale

Sometimes Short Sales Actually Work!

This sale closed last week in Eagle Ridge and I was the Selling Agent for this transaction. My clients and I wrote the offer which was accepted by the Seller early February. I have to tell you it felt like forever, living through the process. The hardest aspect of a short sale is the unknown. Even when you have a listing agent who is working with you and upfront, you don't know what is going on with the lender and their behind the scenes. Or if anything at all is going on with the lender. From an agents perspective, you see an incredible lack of organization and precedent that everyone is struggling with. Waiting for a short sale to come together is an incredible act of faith on the part of everyone but especially the Buyers. The market in February was very different than it is now when we have to deal with limited inventory, competitive situations, rising interest rates, time running out on the $8000 tax credit. Back in February we were still trying to decide if the market had hit bottom.

I remember showing this property to my Buyers. At one point they discovered the balcony on the master suite and that is where I found them with their arms around each other looking out onto the green and the views. Something clicked for me and it just felt like we had found their home. Although we never cut our options off and continued to look at the market and available homes, we stayed in there and never let go of the dream. This one came true and I have very happy Buyers who just happen to be great people.

Short sales can be tough, on everyone. There are ways to evaluate the risk and whether it makes sense to continue in the process but there is still an element of unknown that has to be dealt with. I know it was mostly hard work but I also feel there was an element of luck which I am very grateful for. It's a great feeling to be able to make something work and have a happy ending.

My 2 cents - Look at your short sale situation and weigh the pros and cons. Who is your lender, how many loans are you dealing with, are the agents being aggressive in the process or passive, are people communicating, do the agents know what they are doing, do you have all the available information. And don't cut off your options. Play it straight but make sure you are playing it smart and keeping your options open.

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