Saturday, October 25, 2008

Enough Doom and Gloom!

Are you ready to get where you want to go?

I was reading the Wall Street Journal yesterday and in their real estate section, there was a blurb about Hillary Swank purchasing a 3.5 million dollar townhome, part of some new construction in New York. What struck me about this multi-unit building was that all the homes were selling and there was only one available to date. Without discounting today’s harsh realities, can’t we shed a little light on the fact that there are people with money (and not just movie stars), with cash, with the ability to get loans (at good rates) and there is much more selling & buying & even lending going on than the media would have you believe. It’s a great time to find a home and get a loan at a great interest rate. Right now! Right now there is a good selection of inventory, good interest rates and not a lot of competition from other Buyers. Although I hear that is changing in some areas and situations and we are seeing more multiple offers in our markets. For those of you still fencing sitting, no one is going to ring a bell when the market hits bottom! You have to figure out for yourself what is a good deal and what it is worth to make change in your life and get where you want to go.

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